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Why don't we break up with our friends?

Everyone has opinions on steering out of relationships:

  • You have to do it in person
  • You can't do it on a special day (birthday, valentines, christmas, ..)
  • If you can't do it in person, a call is second best

.. and an ocean of other implicit social rules. Instead, we let friendships erode spurring many questions on either side. It doesn't matter if people have been friends for weeks, months, years, decades—dimming social channels is the implicit process. Perhaps it's because friendships are not a recognized social institution like sexual relationships, but they're often just as or more important. They can last throughout entire lives, major personal changes, and years apart—something few relationships can claim.

Is this going to change? I doubt it. Am I going to set an example and break up with my friends? I doubt it.

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