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I've been looking for a convenient way to create and share gifs, videos, screenshots in a simple and straightforward way and I think I finally found the perfect tool for the job: https://getdropsha.re/

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Great blog post about when to use .xib's, storyboards or native code when developing iOS / OS X Applications:


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Today I was struggling with OS X once more. Some user profiles on the Macs of one of my clients just stopped working completely. After entering the password they would hang forever at the login screen, throwing some LSD segmentation fault: 11 errors in the Console. After some searching on the web I've found a solution that solves the problem, although the cause for the problem is still unknown. Here's the simple solution:

I didn't solve the problem per se, but used the simple workaround:
Create a new Admin account
In Settings - Users & Groups, delete the offending account, but - IMPORTANT - choose to keep its home folder.
Go to /Users/, the offending account home folder is now named ' (Deleted)'
Rename it to the original name
Create the account again with the same name as before, and - IMPORTANT - choose to use the existing home folder.
Apparently this cleans enough up to allow a non-problematic login. I still did not find the problematic kext or service or whatever the launch services choked on.


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