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If there is one thing that I've learned after years of hopping between to-do applications and systems, it is following:

Keep your planning and tasks separated.

And with planning I mean the things that you're going to be working on during the day. Tasks should be grouped by projects and broken down to the smallest unit in chronological order.

I switched back to Workflowy for tracking tasks. I don't use due dates, special tags or a weekly / daily list anymore.

Every evening at 5pm I sit down, review the current day and plan the next one in my Moleskine notebook. All planning and reflection is exclusively done in hand-writing.

De-glorify your to-do app and focusing on crossing tasks off your list is how you get shit done.

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Sometimes life moves so fast that you miss see your progress. Everything feels like a never ending rat-race. But if you give yourself some time to stop and look back, you might be surprised.

I did so a few weeks ago and I was able to come up with following accomplishments.

  • I switched to a ketogenic diet and was able to loose 12k within 8 months. My weight was something that has always been bothering me so this was quite a biggie.
  • I started reading more again and finished 32 Books in 2015.
  • I discovered the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca which managed to completely transformed my views on life.
  • Starting at the end of August I wrote 3 handwritten pages every single morning.
  • After three years, my friend @daniel and I finally founded Codegestalt.
  • I learned iOS development with Swift and shipped a full blown iOS app.

Well here's to a belated 2016!

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How to undo a commit and redo

$ git commit -m "Something terribly misguided" (1)
$ git reset --soft HEAD~ (2)
<< edit files as necessary >> (3)
$ git add ... (4)
$ git commit -c ORIG_HEAD (5)


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Just showing aljosha the new Shimatta OS X App.

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Just released Shimatta for Mac v0.1.1. Still in early Beta but if you'd like you can grab it here

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If you do this, you're a monster. – Ryan Holiday

I really hope that I don't have to make this experience in business...

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This is the first post from the Mac App. Yay!

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Something, something, mac, app...


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Something nice is coming to the Mac very soon...


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What I want for Shimatta
This is an 1:1 excerpt from todays morning pages

We want to be the anti-twitter and facebook. We want you to think and care about what you write, and not just post because you want more attention. All that social media hype is the antithesis to Shimatta. We want to offer you a place where what counts are your thoughts. A journal for you and your friends or team members. A place free from the prison of counting followers and likes. Write a long form post if you have a lot to say, or just keep it short and jot down that small insight that you had during the day and retrieve it later.

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