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The effects of Creatine (currently)

I've gone off creatine about 2 weeks ago and started re-taking it (dosage of 5g, post-workout) and noticed interesting effects that might be correlated:

I get hot throughout the night, like very very hot and have to move around or drink some water in order for it to go away. If I don't focus on it, I wake up, remove the bed sheets/duvets and cool down within 5 minutes. If I'm panicking it might take up to 10-15 min.

I've also realized that when I was cooking the other night, although there it wasn't as visible, because you feel hot any way with the oven and the entire kitchen going on.

I've had that feeling when I got off creatine about two weeks ago and yesterday and the day before (started taking it again on friday).

Restlessness is something that happens quite often when you take creatine just before you go to bed, but I always train in the morning, so that wouldn't make sense either.

  • I'm thinking drinking too little water could be the issue, but why would it happen then when I go off creatine
  • The quality of the creatine could be another issue, but I'm using creapure, which is a high quality german creatine monohydrate (and the defacto standard)
  • A chemical reaction within the muscles? So creatine makes the muscle carry more water, so maybe something in the influx or release of water within the muscle could be causing this.

The research continues...

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