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10'000 Hours with Reid Hoffman or giving value to influential people

After I read the Industries of the Future I wanted to read this article (http://casnocha.com/reid-hoffman-lessons) which I've put off for quite some time. It's quite interesting to see how Reid Hoffman works and what rules Ben Casnocha got out of working with him for a some time.

Reid Hoffman (early PayPal, LinkedIn co-founder) is probably one of the best connected people in the Valley, so when people talk about him I listen.

I found it interesting that Ben mentioned the giving value first, before asking for something in return. It's so obvious and everyone is saying it, yet nobody seems to implement as it's still a big issue.

I wonder how much it would help to try to give Reid value via email? Definitely something to think about. Also maybe it makes sense to help the people which know Reid for a potential intro down the line. Obviously the idea is not to plan these things out, but try to help wherever possible and hope that somehow the universe will return your favor through a person :)

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