10 ideas for today

  • a better way to clean the windows of a car during driving. I'm thinking a 3 part solution. One from the top, two from the sides. More moving parts, but more efficient cleaning

  • meals prepped for your macros

  • soylent based on your macros

  • collect people's wishes of fitness centers on twitter ("I wish there was a planet fitness in cambridge") and sell the fitness centers (or competitors) the data incl ways to contact them (use anygrowth or other tools to quickly get data on twitter profiles)

  • a website that shows "best exercise for" where you can choose either a look or a muscle. needs examine.com like science to back it up

  • a page/app for celebrity fitness training programs charge in app fees for specific program that's in the theaters now

  • create a (video) guide for all exercise machines at a gym and sell it to the gym

  • buzzfeed for fitness

  • twitch for fitness, live classes for workouts, start with spinning

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