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Humans think all the time. And about 99% (this is pure speculation, but would be interesting to find out if this measurable) of our thoughts are lost. While some thoughts are worth losing sometimes some really cool and valuable ones get lost as well. I think we can do better. In a few years we might be having technology that can tap into our brains and extract our thoughts but until that we need an alternative. Why? Thoughts are the origin of most if not all human inventions. By crafting and combining thoughts we generate new ideas which lead to new innovations. With the internet we've gained instant access to millions of other people and their thoughts. A few of those thoughts are already captured. But they are scattered across the internet and most of them are probably not of high value. Imagine if we could bring high value thoughts together in one place and connect them in a way that let's us generate new ideas based on thoughts of the entire human race. Of course this is moon shot thinking. But I think worth considering. And that's what the long term goal of Shimatta is about.

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One issue that I have with blogs, twitter or facebook is that it triggers a kind of anxiety in me. Every time when I want to post something I get a feeling of like "is this good enough?", "does this make any sense?", "what will other people think about it?". For me those mediums do not encourage me to write down my honest feelings and thoughts without putting a big amount of time in it.

I want to address this problem in Shimatta but I'm not yet completely sure how to do this. Of course one option is to allow private posts, but I'm thinking more about the public ones.

I think the initial message what Shimatta is and does and how the user will be triggered for writing his thoughts down will be essential to solve this problem. If the user thinks a post will be read by all his friends and hundreds of strangers it will be much harder to publish something instead when a user is thinking "let's write this down quickly for later usage" and not giving a shit if everything is fully understandable or has grammar mistakes and typos.

Another part is the community aspect. Writing down thoughts doesn't require a follower count, like count or read count. Because it doesn't improve the quality of a thought in itself. So the social "proof" pressure can be removed.

The last way that currently comes to my mind to encourage users to post more is to teach them. A strong habit building onboarding strategy is key here. All in all I think it's a problem worth solving and most importantly I think it's doable.

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