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The current plan is to add a simple "keyword" search to Shimatta which returns posts that contain the search query in their content. On a later stage (which means when we have more content from different users) it might be interesting to make search more "content aware". One possible solution could be by using a bayesian classifier.

It was introduced under a different name into the text retrieval community in the early 1960s and remains a popular (baseline) method for text categorization, the problem of judging documents as belonging to one category or the other (such as spam or legitimate, sports or politics, etc.) with word frequencies as the features.

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This is an excerpt of a conversation with @sirupsen

Regarding merging commonplace book and daily blogging: I’m thinking it’ll come down to a good search feature. At the moment you just have one feed and tags are basically the only thing to categorize your posts/thoughts with. A search which finds posts not just based on matching keywords but also on recognizing relevance based on the content of a post might be quite helpful in that matter. That’s what mostly bothered me with Evernote and sometimes caused me not finding relevant notes again because I messed up or forgot the keywords.

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