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After long three months of merging myself into accounting I've finally reached a long awaited milestone. I've generated all the necessary reports and they are currently reviewed by our trustee. If all goes well I can hopefully close the accounting topic for this year.

Our accounting tool automatically generates ~90% of all entries and reports by itself at the moment. Of course it still needs some user interaction to do this. But we managed to get rid of most of the boring manual labor. All we need to do is assign transactions (automatically imported from our bank accounts / credit cards) to commercial documents. The rest is automatically taken care of by the system. There is still a lot more room for improvement and automation but for now I'm very pleased with what we have.

As for the next step: It would be interesting to show our tool to other small companies with the same needs. There is a lot of competition in the accounting software field but not a single competitor seemed to accomplish what I was looking for: saving me time. There might be some web based solutions which automate some things, but not a single one convinced me (especially not if I've to manually migrate 100+ documents and all the information I need is already stored somewhere else). Otherwise I wouldn't have used my time to build a solution for it. I would have bought it. Trust me, you don't want to build an accounting tool. It's horrible. Especially if you have no idea about accounting (at least not when I started with the development).

So if someone (especially other small swiss companies) reads this who has had it with those user unfriendly tools which cause you to spend more rather than less time with accounting, drop us an email. We would love to show you our solution and help you spend more time lying on the beach sipping mojitos instead of working through a pile of receipts.

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