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Well, I'm looking into adding a recurring payment integration with Stripe for the third time. Already tried it twice on two other projects with no/part success. I'm always stumbling upon something new while developing and I haven't found a guide which shows a nice and clean complete overview of what's required for building a subscription service. It's not that I couldn't build a working prototype with the information available. More that I want to have a clear vision of how the system has to look instead of building the walls and realizing that some parts of the foundations are missing and wasting time refactoring everything five times. I did some research today and combined with my experiences from the last two trials I think I got a pretty good overview together (for now). I've thrown everything into a list and split it into different iteration steps which I'll tackle one after another. If everything works out as imagined I'll write up a complete guide on how to integrate Stripe subscriptions into a Rails application. So others can benefit from my struggle. So long.

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