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Daniel Puglisi @daniel

Hi, I'm Daniel. I make Shimatta, Desk Hunt and cofounded Codegestalt. This is where I dump my brain.

Thinking about product recommendations. What if you had an app together with your friends that would let you and them recommend each other their most favourite products by uploading a picture. That picture would then get processed by AI (e.g. Flow) and directly linked to a matching product on Amazon.

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Right now Shimatta looks pretty simple. And it is. But we (@rodrigo, @feyyaz and me / bare with me, those username references do not work yet but will some day in the future) have some ideas to make it a great place for sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas. Right now we are focused on thought publishing. For example we are creating an OS X app which lets us write down thoughts to Shimatta with a keyboard shortcut. Because, you know, thoughts come and go, and capturing them as fast and as easy as possible should be a key element of this platform.

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Hello friend.

What is this Shimatta thing you might think? Let me explain.

I'm a maker. I love to create things. And I try since about the end of 2011 to create products and sell them to people. It never worked out so far. Not the creating of the product but the selling part. Why? I think there are two reasons for that. Not having enough money to actually advertise it to people who don't belong to your audience and the lack of an audience in itself. Over the last years I stumbled across different makers who are pretty successful in selling their products or services. Just to name a few:, John Saddington and Seth Godin. What do all these guys have in common? They write. Daily. They're constantly creating value or sharing stuff even if it's only of the size of a 140 character tweet. Doesn't matter. They are constantly active. So at the end of 2015 I thought I can do that too. I can also share learnings, insights, failures, ideas, useful and interesting stuff I stumble upon during my daily adventures. But not a single platform out there felt right to me. Twitter was to restrictive and blogs felt to complex. I needed something simple which let's me just write along and hit publish and makes sharing my thoughts as easily as possible. So that's where Shimatta came in and it's where we are now.

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