Chapter 2 (The Future of the Human Machine) notes:

  • cancer treatment will change in the next 10-40 years. Instead of chemotherapy we will use designer drugs developed with the help of genomics to melt cancer away.
  • PGDx develops a sequencing machine that crunches your DNA into gigabytes of data, parses out where proteins mutating and makes sense of why your cancer is growing. It gives you more information about your cancer than any oncologist.
  • sequencing the base pair in human DNA will be available for everyone in about 20 years. Current price tag is 1000$ per test. But not scalable for millions of people.
  • genomics can lead to designer babies. You can tell which diseases you're predisposed to, how tall/heavy you will be, skilled in math, what sports you will be good at, hair/eye color, hair type, when you will lose your hair, etc.
  • Craig Venter started Synthetic Genomics where they develop and grow human compatible organs on pigs. His second company Human Longevity Inc. aims to prevent aging.
  • Six of seven billion people have a mobile phone (more than have access to toilets) --> can provide innovation for almost everyone through this channel
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