Next up on Shimatta will be an edit feature for notes.

In the beginning I didn't want to add edit functionality because I wanted users to focus on publishing thoughts and not on editing them. The thing is I don't care that much about grammar or typos as long as the content can be understood and absorbed. If you're not happy with a note just delete it and create a new one. Which in retrospect isn't really user friendly. I think there are and will be some use cases in the future that makes editing your posts helpful.

Just to make one example:

You're on a train commuting to work and want to write down some quick thoughts. This has to go fast because your train arrives in a few minutes. Not having the ability to edit your notes later might cause you not to post the thoughts on Shimatta in the first place because you can't dive deeper into them when you have the time later that day.

There is also the argument that users think twice before they hit publish if they can't edit that post later. But that argument goes both ways.

Anyway, edit will come. Stay tuned.

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