I was asked earlier this week what makes Codegestalt different than other companies. At the time I was asked the question I had a bit of a black out which made me feel the answer was a bit unsatisfying. So here is a more thorough answer:

  • Automation: We try to automate almost everything. Especially administrative work which mostly consists of repetitive and boring tasks. Most of these tasks follows a pattern or a sequence that a computer can execute way more efficiently than we humans. So instead of wasting our time with those tasks, we write a little piece of software so we can "outsource" those tasks to a computer. This can include easy tasks like sending out personalized e-mails to multiple prospects or clients but also more complex things like creating entries in our accounting system. Aside from automating work-tasks for the short-term, we also try to automate our revenue by developing subscription based services for the long-term.
  • Workspace: We don't have an office. Our office consists of two things. A laptop and an internet connection. If those two things are present, we can work from almost everywhere. E.g. from home, from a coffee shop, from a remote island, it doesn't matter.
  • Communication: Most of our communication is asynchronous and goes through a chat and project management software (currently Telegram and Basecamp). This way we don't need to be available all day long and can get back to each other as soon as we're available. This is especially useful to us because we only see each other around two or three times a week which allows us to stay focused without getting interrupted to much. People that work in offices tend to distract each other by requesting something they think are important and needs to be solved right away. Most of the time it's not and it's only scattering your focus. We also don't do meeting and use daily and weekly check-ins which is just a written text message to keep each other up to the date on the progress of our various projects.
  • Paper(less): Everything that doesn't need to be archived on a piece of paper gets scanned and then thrown into the garbage. There are company basements and walls full of folders and papers that not a single person is ever going to lay eyes on again. And if they do, have fun finding what you're looking for. By keeping everything digital we save a lot of space (which we don't have anyway) and if we ever need to find something again we can just execute a simple search and find the desired document without having to go through hundreds of pages. For example our whole accounting system is digital. We don't glue receipts to a piece of paper and file them into a folder as others do, most of our receipts are digital anyway. The only thing we haven't thrown away yet are our annual financial statements because our trustee said we should keep them. But honestly, I don't see why.
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