I’m trying to sell houses in Las Vegas. I know that these houses exist, but I don’t know anything about photography, which might be crucial in order for me to you know…sell houses. In todays terms, we’re talking about going out and finding a web designer or developer and a photographer, hoping that somehow we can pay these people to make something so that I can sell these houses. Here’s the thing. This is going to cost me money. I don’t know if it’s going to work, and I definitely don’t know how to fix it if anything breaks. So the service I’m about to provide — will not be my core competency.

Now let’s take this same person, and imagine a world in which Humanic exists. I can now simply be a Source of information, and generate revenue as a Source. I know these houses exist, at XYZ place, and that information is valuable, just not without the parts I’m not competent at providing. Perhaps if I’m able to market myself as a source of great information, I’ll lead myself to greater streams of content creators such as photographers, or videographers — working to help me sell my houses. We both have vested interest, and can both profit in different ways.

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